Secure your Windows PC from Spyware, Virus, Adware and Malware

Once installed the software will perform a scan using Heuristic and known Malware threat definitions of your PC and if it finds any traces of any spyware, virus or any other type of malware from your PC, it immediately prompts and deletes all their traces from your PC.

Once your PC is clean, it provides you a real time protection from any future threats by using its constantly growing database of 15684018 threat definitions from any type of spyware, adware, virus, malware and root-kit Malware programs.

By installing Max Spyware Detector software on your PC as the default anti spyware solution you get these advantages:

  • The software is supported by a fanatic, responsive and committed customer support
  • Max Spyware Detector ensures that your Windows settings, important files and software are safe when removing spyware
  • Fully compatible with all versions of Windows but not limited to your existing Antivirus, Firewall, email and other security software
  • Easily update the software even on a low-bandwidth internet connection
  • Protect your PC from future threats with real-time protection and monitoring
  • Above all, make your PC run faster by using the accompanied registry cleaning tool

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Why Spyware, Adware are dangerous for you and your Windows PC?

Spyware, Adware are malicious programs that get installed or planted to your PC by hackers, unethical companies through real looking software, music downloads, email attachments, IM messages, Torrents and most popularly when you download cracks, serial and other key generator application for popular software titles.

Once installed, these programs are designed to run in hidden mode to start collecting your personal information, tracking the tasks that you perform on your PC or frustrate you with annoying pop-up's and advertisements.

To your amazement, few things that a spyware collects from your PC:

  • List of Web Sites that you visit
  • All your Instant Messaging conversations
  • Delete cookies
  • Stored Credit Card details from browsers
  • Records your online purchasing behavior
  • Stored username and passwords of your important websites
  • Tracks all your Incoming and Outgoing Email Messages
  • Bank Account details
  • Any other Important and Personal Information

Moreover, after collecting this information from the host PC, the hacker may sell this information further to make money, causing more privacy breach, which could be disastrous for a company, organization or even for a country.

Even when your PC is not infected, chances are sooner or later it will as there are millions of websites that are spreading these menaces all over the world through internet. Therefore, it's always better to protect rather than curing it.

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10 Signs / Causes of PC Infection due to Spyware:

To quickly determine if your computer is infected with spyware, click the check box next to any statements below that you can answer "yes" to:

  • I always get annoying pop-up's even when I am offline.
  • I frequently download cracked software, pirated movies and music.
  • I keep getting unknown error messages or get numerous "security threats" from Windows
  • My PC's performance is slow, sluggish and sometimes it becomes unresponsive.
  • My web browser's home page has changed and it is not reverting back to the one I had set.
  • Even after installing pop-up protection, I am still having tons of pop-ups.
  • There are weird toolbars and search bars in my web browser that I didn't install.
  • A lot of strange and unknown icons are there on my Windows Desktop.
  • My web browser's favourites have changed and there is a list of unknown websites.
  • When default search results using web browser are full of ads and produces odd results.

If you answered "Yes" and placed a check next to any of these statements, your PC is probably infected with Spyware.

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Spyware threat is on the rise

In a span of 10 years, Spyware has left behind computer viruses in terms infecting a PC. They are now the most feared threat for any PC that is connected to the Internet.

The simple reason for this explosive growth of this spyware epidemic is due to the monetary benefits attached by spreading spyware. It may amaze many, but it is a truth that many companies are being funded with millions of dollars every year for designing such programs as the money involved from innocent computer users is huge.

Spyware has become such a huge problem that now PC manufacturing company tech supports get a substantial amount of calls related to spyware issues only.

You can be rest assured that if you install Max Secure Spyware Detector, you can keep all your PC free from spyware and any other trouble that may arise due to such type of programs.

I have a Firewall and Antivirus Installed, am I safe?

No, even if you have the latest virus protection and firewall software you are not safe from Spyware or the Adware. It is like having a pain killer when you are having fever. You need the right kind of medicine and Max Spyware Detector is the right medicine for any Spyware or Adware trouble.

Max Spyware Detector has an added protection from viruses and thus becomes the right solution that protects you from both Spyware and Virus issues.

In case, you have suspicion that your PC is infected with any Spyware,
Download the free trial of Max Spyware Detector and see if your PC is infected with any Spyware.

6 Reasons why you should choose Max Spyware Detector:

When there are lots of options available in the market and all claiming to be the right solution for protecting against Spyware.

Mentioned here are 6 imperative reasons to choose Max Spyware Detector to clean an existing Spyware issue or to protect from any future threats:

  1. Complete protection from Spyware
  2. We have our own team of computer programmers and research engineers who are working 24x7 to find threats across the Internet and to keep our database updated. Our ever growing database has 9340548 and more malware or spyware threats listed and it ensures that you are armed with the latest Spyware protection.

    The software has been designed to keep you informed about the release of new updates and keeps you informed so that you can keep your local database in sync with our database to protect from any future threats.

    Download the free trial to have comprehensive Spyware protection.

  3. Tech Support that responds and works 24x7
  4. In case you are infected with a Spyware issue and need assistance from our tech support, contact our tech support through live chat or email and our experienced team of professional tech support engineers will make sure that they personally check your issue and resolve the Spyware problem.

    There are some Spywares that can be extremely difficult to combat and sometimes one-on-one support with our qualified support team is necessary to fix your spyware problem.

    Allow us to do all the hard work for you so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.

  5. Combat any Future Spyware Infections
  6. You can be rest assured with the real-time protection mechanism, Max Spyware Detector can combat and keep any type of future Spyware threat away from your PC.

    Click here to begin protecting yourself from future spyware infections.

  7. No conflict with your existing software
  8. Max Spyware Detector architecture has been designed in such a fashion that it will not create issues with any of your existing software.

    Moreover, it will not cause any sort of problem with your existing antivirus or firewall software or other programs like your email client, games etc.

  9. Your important personal data, computer settings and programs will be safe
  10. Max Spyware Detector works in a process, when it identifies any Spyware it will automatically disable and will make the Spyware inactive, but it will not delete the Spyware immediately.

    It is done for these 3 important reasons:

    • This automatic disabling or quarantining of the Spyware immediately stops the activity of the Spyware and blocks all the activity of the Spyware, which immediately improves the overall performance of your PC.
    • All files that are picked up as a quarantine on suspicion are saved as backup. In case you notice any kind of issue with your PC or with Windows you can immediately restore the file with a single click of a button.
    • You have complete control on the functioning of the software, this has been done to give users a choice about how they would like to handle any Spyware problem.

    You can download Max Spyware Detector right now to remove spyware and adware infections

  11. We always have solution for the most difficult to remove Spyware
  12. There are thousands of different Spyware programs and even some Spyware has different variants to fool Antispyware software. Though, there are a handful of Spyware that actually spread and infect most PC's.

    It is even more difficult to clean your PC from such Spyware, which keeps on changing their behavior as the developer of these programs are always evaluating the techniques from Antispyware and keep changing them to avoid detection.

    Max Spyware Detector has developed an extraordinary detection and removal scan algorithms, which particularly work in these hard to detect and clean Spyware. Here are some of the most infamous and Fake Antispyware programs.

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